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Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Challenge: Year Three

It's been three years since I first published my own response to Dan Barker's Easter Challenge here at GTA, and the Christian response has been underwhelming. Although our in-house Christian apologist Brucker tossed his harmonization into the ring, it only lasted a few rounds of discussion before it was obvious that his version had as many, if not more, continuity flaws than my own.

In the meantime, there's been a deafening silence. Surely, with Easter being the paramount event in the Christian conception of history, some clarity would at least be of some interest. 

This weekend is the biggest of the year in terms of church attendance- I'd like to suggest that all the Christians out there, as long as they're stuck in church on Sunday morning, at least take a few minutes to reach in front of them and grab a Bible, flip to the ends of each Gospel, and try to make sense of the four stories. Use one of those little golf pencils on the back of the bulletin if you have to.

Little kids grow up pretty fast when they realize that the stories told about Santa Claus don't actually make any sense when you look at them all together... I'm hopeful that the same realization comes for those who accept other superstitions also.

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