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Friday, February 08, 2008

A Good Question

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At 2/08/2008 3:58 PM, Blogger Danny Schade declaimed...

Unfortunately, critical questions like these are bullied out of children in only a few visits to Sunday school. Only after removing the Christian paradigm from my own mind did I see the real nugget of wisdom in "childish" comments like this.

At 2/09/2008 8:51 AM, Blogger Chris declaimed...

That IS a good question!! This is the sort that gets the silliest of answers from the armchair theologians of the world.

At 2/09/2008 6:15 PM, Blogger Alison declaimed...

I've seen these same questions on a number of sites. Does anyone know if they are genuine?

At 2/10/2008 7:39 PM, Blogger breakerslion declaimed...

They are real, and have been asked any number of times by children. They always get some pat answer like, "original sin" for example.

The real answer is that God is a maniac, and couldn't summon tornados to bring Him people when He gets lonely if we lived forever. At least that's what one religious fellow obviously thinks. When talking on the radio about his neighbor, an old lady killed in the latest wave of tornados, he said, "Jesus took her."

Yeah, that makes sense.

At 2/12/2008 12:13 AM, Blogger Marshall declaimed...

Ok, I know I can't post directly to the blog, but I found a pretty hilarious atheism-related comic:



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