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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scientology in a World of Hurt

Anonymous just declared war on Scientology! Anonymous has less lawyers, but much stronger numbers in general. Let's hope anonymous wins.

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At 2/02/2008 3:17 AM, Blogger TOR Hershman declaimed...

No one wins, we all oblivion.

Stay on groovin' safari,

At 2/02/2008 11:24 AM, Blogger Miss Welby declaimed...

this is controversial, as much as we consider Scientology as a religion or some kind of "anti-religion", in the meaning of an institution taking away people from traditional religions.

I'm for the former: Scientology is a religion. I reckon the best is still Bhuddism: it's a phylosophy rather than a religion.

btw, I've given your blog a link - visit me and let me know if you like to reciprocate



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