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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Is this... the face of Chick?

Jimmy Akin reports that a recent (2006) picture of the extremely reclusive, infamous fundamentalist Christian tract artist Jack Chick may have been discovered on a small church web site. Is the following picture a glimpse into the life of Jack Chick? So far, all signs point to yes (Chick is on the left).

The picture of Chick here corresponds to reports of what he looks like from eyewitness drawings.

From all indications, it seems that this pastor he's with, is very much like "Bad Bob," of the tract he is holding. Perhaps this is why the pastor got a meeting with the very reclusive artist? Either way, all we are left with are suppositions and assumptions.

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At 6/10/2007 8:40 AM, Blogger Zachary Moore declaimed...

The guy looks like a cartoon...

At 6/10/2007 12:54 PM, Blogger Bahnsen Burner declaimed...

You're right, Zach, he does. Then again, cartoons are the ideal medium for propagandizing a cartoon universe worldview. That's what's so ironic about Chick Publications. As I have often said, Christianity has all the warmth and intellect of a Chick tract.


At 6/10/2007 8:54 PM, Blogger bpabbott declaimed...

If anyone is interested in more of Chick, wikipedia has an article on him.

At 6/10/2007 9:35 PM, Blogger breakerslion declaimed...

Not interested. I've known Chick for most of my life, through his deeds: Trying to make young people ashamed, guilt-ridden, paranoid, bigoted, psychotic Christian-bots like he is.



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