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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dawkins and McGrath

Richard Dawkins interviews Alistair McGrath: "Root of all Evil?" Lost Tape

When Richard Dawkins made his documentary, "Root of all Evil?" there was some footage that had to be left out of the final cut. Unfortunately, the entirety of his conversation with Alistair McGrath was nixed.

McGrath has written two direct critiques of Dawkins, including the more recent "The Dawkins Delusion?" in response to the latter's own "The God Delusion."

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At 6/01/2007 7:34 AM, Blogger cbit declaimed...

I can almost feel my brain jellifying while I listen to McGrath.

At 6/03/2007 9:25 PM, Blogger breakerslion declaimed...

I'm very glad this surfaced. It puts an end to McGrath's rather huffy claim that it was cut because he presented an irrefutable argument for the Xtian world view. Dawkins actually had McGrath boxed in at one point. I was rather surprised that McGrath did not take the obvious tack that life on earth is not about comfort or quantity, and that the one child was "saved" from the tsunami simply because there were other plans for that particular life. If you believe in an afterlife, then how we die is as important as how we live, and when we die is not important at all. To steal a phrase from my favorite demotivational poster, "Perhaps the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others." Of course, this is the problem with postulating a "grand scheme" for things that can be explained simply by statistical probability. You can spin endlessly in any direction. Bullshit is infinite.

What I got out of McGrath's point of view:

"Thank you for calling Heaven. All of our operators are busy right now, but God wants you to know He feels your pain."



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