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Monday, April 02, 2007


Last year, the War on Easter provided the opportunity for a little bit of fun for both myself as well as Aaron, but this year it's pretty quiet, possibly because of the exhausting response to the same group's Blasphemy Challenge.

This year, I thought that maybe I could still do my part in Christian consciousness-raising, but without all the shenanigans. So instead, I'm going to be showing The God Who Wasn't There right here on GTA all day Easter Sunday.

For all Christians, this is the perfect chance to see the movie for free (even though the timing stinks), and for everyone else, if you haven't seen it yet, this is a great opportunity.

Thanks to Brian Flemming for giving permission! Click here to see the movie.

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At 3/31/2007 4:01 AM, Blogger Aaron Kinney declaimed...

SWEET! Thank you Brian Flemming! :D

So how are you going to broadcast it on GTA? If you need any help setting it up, let me know. I know a few things about putting video on websites, so if you have a host I can help code the html if necessary.

At 3/31/2007 6:10 AM, Blogger Zachary Moore declaimed...

I think I can handle it, but if not, I'll let you know.

At 4/01/2007 8:37 PM, Blogger breakerslion declaimed...

So when is Easter again? The second Sunday after the dog sheds its winter coat? I'll tune in when I figure it out. Thanks!



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