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Monday, April 02, 2007

Religion against religion

First, two items:

1. This news story: Schools drop Holocaust lessons.
Schools have avoided teaching the Holocaust and the Crusades in history lessons because they are concerned about causing offence to Muslim pupils or challenging "charged" versions of history which children have been taught at home, government research has found.

2. This video.

These two items inspire reflexion, at least to me...

One thing that characterizes liberals (and, to be fair, statists in general) is their total lack of perspective. In their quest towards glorious egalitarianism and fairness, they never dare to quantify or to rank importances, because that would be counter-productive to their utopian goals.

Instead, they decide to favour one side or the other based on whatever is most convenient for their agenda. Religious preference, whatever that preference is, even if it's not in any doctrine or edict, can trump other religious preferences, and even science.

The religion of Christian fundamentalism is trumped by the belief system of militarism. Phelps must not be allowed to intrude on a military ritual because it is more convenient to offend a family of whackjobs than "respected citizens."
The science of history is trumped by the religion of Islam. Islamists refuse to study important historical facts, and therefore we must silence those facts. It is more convenient to offend a few teachers than a large group of religious fanatics.

In enforcing a singular value system on the whole of society, the democratic State makes it so there must be victors and losers, and it makes itself the referee. The result of a world where religions are dominated by other religions, as decided by the ruling class, in the name of fear of reprisal and fear of violence is not freedom, or even egalitarianism, but just plain fear. And in these kinds of games, based on coercion and not truth, science and reason have everything to lose.

The Phelps are immoral, corrupt whackjobs, but they've never killed anyone (although I am sure they wish they could). I wish I could say the same about their enemies. I don't fear the Phelps and their hatred and fear tactics. But I definitely fear the tolerence of hatred and the tolerence of fear tactics.

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At 4/03/2007 8:34 PM, Blogger Aaron Kinney declaimed...

The Phelps family for the win!

At 4/09/2007 1:11 AM, Blogger Johnny Smoke declaimed...

aaaah... Topeka Kansas, just the way I remember it smelled. Brownback I believe is the slang term.



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