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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Shaping the Values of Youth / Running from the Camera

For anyone who needs something to read on a rainy day: Sunday School Books: Shaping the Values of Youth in Nineteenth-Century America, including the whole text of wonderful children's books such as The Bible: The Best Book and Death by measure, or Poisons and their effects, found in intoxicating liquors.

To mamma they went; and having satisfied her that their tasks were indeed properly done, claimed the reward. "What story shall it be?" said mamma. "Oh, a pretty history out of the Bible, if you please, mamma," replied Ellen. "Yes," said Thomas, "there are many beautiful histories in the Bible. I do love it best of all books, for the sweet histories that are in it. I am never tired of hearing about Moses and Joshua, how they led the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan; or of David, how he killed Goliath, and fled from Saul, and how he became king. And then about naughty Absalom, and wise Solomon, and Samuel the little priest. Oh there is no book like the Bible."

This photographer puts his camera on the floor, sets it to a three second timer, and runs away. It makes interesting pictures.

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