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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Echoes From The Past

I found this on the Internet Archive of my college's newspaper website. Although they don't have the letter I wrote, I did find this response to it, which I agree with completely now.

Women are more than gifts from God

To the Editor,

The only real statement made by Zachary W.Q Moore in February 19's letter to the Editor was that "[he has] had many frustrations with women, as [he] is sure many women have had frustrations with [him]." This, I believe, we all can agree is true...for all women and men.

However, the problem with sexism was clear as a blue sky in both Zachary and Steven Sharp's exhibition opinions.

Both of these men are judging the nature of all women based on the role women play in their, a male's, life..

Zachary notes that the virtues of women are things like, "the most important impact a woman can make on a man's life is, undoubtedly, as his wife" and "God created Eve to provide Adam a partner." Does anyone see a problem with this?

Humanity should not be fashioned so that one's value is dependent on how he/she relates to anyone else. While it's wonderful to have a good relationship with a spouse, recognizing the values of marriage is not the thing which will end sexism, instead, it perpetuates it.

Think about this: Who is judged as a bad housekeeper when guests arrive at a married friend's apartment and the living room is not spotless?

Who is condemned for taking children to a day care every morning instead of raising them at home?

And who is often blamed for not satisfying needs when a man has an extra-marital affair?

I, and I think it is safe to assume, most women appreciate both Zach and Steve's problems and I appreciate their efforts clear up issues wrapped around gender relationships.

Yet, as Zach talks of Christian beliefs and women's worth as wives and as Steve talks of women who want abusive boyfriends or something less than a "real man", all I can say is thank you, Zach, for trying.

But you must substitute woman for wife in the statement, "A wife is many things."

Also, women are not "gifts from God" but people who have the right to autonomy.

And Steve, just as there are goofy guys out there in the world, there are also goofy women, and unfortunately, it is quite possible that both make up the majority.

Some men too date less than perfect women so why is the Robert and Suzie scenario so incredible?

Why is Robert the victim of "girls [who] are dumb like that?"

Isn't Robert dumb like that too? He dated Suzie for six months hoping to change her.

Emily M. Aleshire
English Literature

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