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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christian anti-materialism

Perhaps the only thing that Christians are good at, is identifying the fundamentals of a situation, and complaining loudly about them. This reactionary attitude of theirs is great, because it permits us to understand those fundamentals and know what to defend.

Another great attitude of Christians is their utter inability to argue by anything but projection. This is wonderful for us because it tells us immediately what their "sins" are. If a Christian accuses you of having no basis for morality, for example, you know for sure that the Christian is covering up for his own repulsion of the morality of the Bible. This is a uniformly true fact that applies to any theological discussion I've ever seen.

For these two reasons, it's very interesting to see Christians argue against materialism and determinism, because these are usually concepts in the background, not really talked about. And yet they keep putting it in the fore. Why? Our old friend Paul Manata can tell us:
"I also rejoice, at times like this, that the promulgations of materialism are false and that there is meaning to the universe, rather than the forces of chance or fate handing us our blows."
"Remember, it's atheists who claim that we are nothing but accidents,"
"Remember it's atheists who claim that truth and reason are meaningless,"
"given what evolutionists and materialists say about their own worldview, why trust our cognative apparati (sic)"

This is more than enough, as it represents the depth of reasoning of about 99% of Christians on the question.

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