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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Verdict: Judge Wilson is a Racist

Who doesn't love a little xenophobia once in a while?

Well, I don't. And I don't particularly like it when public officials write children's books that equate different races of people as being completely different species.

An asshole judge wrote a racist children's book, and I in turn wrote an Amazon review which, I think, skewers him and his book appropriately. Check out all the details at The Radical Libertarian.

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At 11/30/2006 4:57 PM, Blogger beepbeepitsme declaimed...

Good for you mate.

Obviously when someone tries to equate another group of people with weeds, he is not trying to be polite.

Weeds are plants which we as humans consider to be unwanted. And the judge is definitely making the analogy that some people are unwanted, and that they have the same value to us as weeds .



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