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Monday, September 11, 2006

A Moron and a Smartie

This post is about a moron and a smartie. The moron is Russell Shaw, of the Huffington Post, whose article "Tom Cruise's Firing: Anti-Scientology Religious Bigotry" does not quite get the point, and veers into the ludicrous...

"Cult" charges against Scientology often stem from a cursory analysis of their beliefs about aliens, Thetans, and all that. But when I think about scriptural assertions such as the world being created in six days, the Red Sea being parted, the Immaculate Conception, heaven and hell, and magic plates that contain inscriptions of a revisiting Messiah, I wonder just what it is about Scientology that is laughable to so many who embrace or tolerate some of the other canon I have just mentioned.

Therefore, what is the natural conclusion, Russell? That Scientology and Christianity are both bullshit and that we should laugh at them?

Between the lines, otherwise tolerant people are saying between the lines.."weird religion," "dumb actor."

But in mocking adherents of any religion, you only mark yourselves as intolerant hypocrites.


The smartie, Caron Cadle, gives us a modest proposal: abolish the afterlife!

That's why I feel haunted by the afterlife. The belief in an individual, personal, eternal ever-after, in either "heaven" or "hell," has been used for thousands of years by ruling classes of whatever ilk as a rationale for oppression and exploitation of the vast majority of people. If "the meek" -- read, the poor -- the disadvantaged, the oppressed really believe it will be "their turn" in some vague, glorious post-apocalyptic by-and-by, they are far more likely to resign themselves to the inferior, unpleasant place they occupy now.
I suggest we stop betting our present lives on a non-existent future one. Let's not hate ourselves any longer. Let's not deny ourselves the beauty and happiness of mortal existence for fear of post-mortem punishment for being human. And let's not accept the unacceptable on the assumption that some pre-programmed variety of bliss lies beyond death's door.

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At 9/11/2006 7:22 PM, Blogger Hellbound Alleee declaimed...

So saying "weird religion, dumb actor" makes you a hypocrite? That sounds perfectly reasonable and consistent to me.



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