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Saturday, August 26, 2006

FSM hate mail / Fundies are addicted to porn

In case you haven't seen this yet, the Flying Spaghetti Monster people maintain a blog of their hate mail, mostly from befuddled Christians. It gets quite hilarious. Here is a sample:

So if you can live with the thought of people burning in eternal Hell and crying out in pure agony, then by all means be my guest.

And any idiot would understand that the possibility of a 'flying spaghetti monster' being the god who made the earth and everything in it is beyond ridiculous.

What irony.

Another one to add to my "Christians aren't moral" list: "ChristiaNet Poll Finds That Evangelicals Are Addicted to Porn". Now granted, I don't believe that porn is immoral in any way, but they do, and they sure don't seem to do much about it.

"The poll results indicate that 50% of all Christian men and 20% of all Christian women are addicted to pornography," said Clay Jones, founder and President of Second Glance Ministries whose ministry objectives include providing people with information which will enable them to fully understand the impact of today's societal issues. 60% of the women who answered the survey admitted to having significant struggles with lust; 40% admitted to being involved in sexual sin in the past year; and 20% of the church-going female participants struggle with looking at pornography on an ongoing basis.

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At 8/26/2006 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous declaimed...

Those fundies are so mixed up they're dangerous.

At 8/26/2006 9:43 PM, Blogger Hellbound Alleee declaimed...

It may be that their sexual interests are quite normal and tame. It's just that the religion invites a culture of shame. There is no greater reward than being the bad person who was saved by Jesus. Saying that they are addicted to something as "bad" as porn is a badge of honour, and I would be willing to bet sometimes just a lie.

Have you ever had a young christian, even a teenager, tell you that they were saved from very bad lives by Jesus? You can't help but wonder how wicked the child speaking to you could have possibly been. I think it's mostly peer pressure. Like Rod and Todd, they are pressured by not having big enough sins to confess. And everyone else on tv is "addicted" to something: why not them?

There's another side to this: who is more obsessed with food and eating than a dieter? That's my perspective on these "confessions."

At 8/27/2006 8:50 PM, Blogger Shell declaimed...

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At 8/27/2006 8:53 PM, Blogger Shell declaimed...

Oh, I believe it. Check out what the local megachurch is doing here:

Speaking of irony, I *do* find porn immoral, and I'm an utter, unabashed atheist. But wait! Only Christians care about morals! It's the end of times! ;)



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