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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Apologia Podcast

I've started a new enterprise, and one which may be of interest to the readers of this blog. As you know, here we "attack Christians who claim to monopolize epistemology and values, and defend rational individualism as sole coherent worldview." Although I think that this is a worthy effort, I also think that the lack of friendly communication between theists and atheists tends to exaggerate our differences. In the interest of balancing this trend, I've started a new podcast, called, "Apologia," which consists of a roundtable discussion between theists and atheists. So far, the group has been: Derek Sansone, James Lazarus, Kevin Harris, and Ashley Bradford. We have begun by talking about what faith means to both positions, and what definition can be held in common.

To subscribe to the feed, click here. To listen to the latest show, visit this page.

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