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Friday, August 18, 2006

Anti-Intellectualism / "Why Un-Believers Can't Think"

The blog "Way of the Mind" has a solid entry on "Anti-Intellectualism" which says some good things:

There are several sources of anti-intellectualism. Religion is an obvious one, of course, since being intelligent and learning makes one less likely to accept arguments from authority, and to question unproven assertions. An intelligent, learned man has no need for religion - therefore, we don’t want any intelligent, learned men...

An intellectual isn’t necessarily someone more intelligent or with more knowledge than the norm. It just means that the person highly values the mind, thinking, and the pursuit of knowledge. And it’s frightening, to me, how few intellectuals (by that definition) I personally know. Anti-intellectuals (people who deride the mind, who pride themselves on not thinking, on not using their reason), on the other hand, are everywhere.

On the humourous side, James Baxter wants to tell us "Why un-Believers Can't THINK":

Here's their problem...
The mind can rise no higher than its criteria.
Human beings cannot invent criteria greater than themselves.
Only the Bible contains Transcendent Criteria.
Without transcendent criteria, the un-Believer cannot anticipate consequences of choice.
Based on ignorance and an ego-centered carnal nature, un-Belief demotes reason to the simpleton task of excuse- making in behalf of the rule of "feelings," a glandular Lifestyle, and the need for self-justification.

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