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Monday, May 22, 2006

The NT : Inspired ? / I Hate You

Behold ! Now you too can learn "How the New Testament Became the INSPIRED WORD OF GOD!" Alleluia !

Will hates you. And for good reason. You're such a loser !

When it comes to sponsoring politics and emitting national "pride", all you're saying is that you enjoy having other people tell you what is right and wrong for yourself. When you go to vote, you're forking over your values to someone else who does not share them. No one else holds your exact set of values but you can't seem to understand that fact. You agree, maybe, with someone on a few issues and then come to the conclusion that this someone should have the power to set the guidelines and boundaries for my way of life. For this, I hate you.

I second that, Will. I definitely second that.

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At 5/23/2006 12:00 PM, Blogger Aaron Kinney declaimed...

But if you dont vote then you have no right to complain! How can roads be built without voters that vote for politicians???? :P



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