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Friday, May 05, 2006 redux

Well, after some nice linkage to me from (thanks again Vic), I decided to go take a little turn on that board and check out what people have to say... and so I started posting on a thread about immigration. Big mistake.

[In response to my rant against immigration laws] : (...) seemingly rational, thinking people can still revert into jabbering automatons who lash out with knee-jerk emotional reactions at the merest imaginary threat of their "racism" bogeyman, with moralistic zeal that only a closet Christian could muster.

you're a brain-washed member of the religion of anti-racism.

Fuck your morals, Francois. How could it be morally right for people to be denied protection behind a border if that is their collective will?[

Also, if "race" doesn't have anything to do with why your average Swede is different from your average Nigerian, it must has something to do with geography. That strikes me as a pretty legit reason for borders.

Je ne t'encouragerai pas à catégoriser de "raciste" quiconque qui a une opinion différente de toi sur les concepts de nations, de frontières et d'immigration - c'est très irrationel, et très semblable à la tendence des religieux d'égaler leur religion avec la moralité... [I do not encourage you to equate as "racist" anyone who has a different opinion than you on the concepts of nation, borders and immigration - it is very irrational, and very similar to the tendancy of religions to equate their religion with morality...]

I feel like I've stepped into a big pile of shit. Seriously Vic, how can you stand this ? URGH !

Please stop posting my blog on that board. Seriously.

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At 5/05/2006 2:35 PM, Blogger Vic declaimed...

I'm sorry - they need you more than you need them, as that display of idiocy shows, but I think they're still too underdeveloped to be helped.

I won't post any more links to GTA there again.

At 5/05/2006 3:03 PM, Blogger Francois Tremblay declaimed...

They definitely need SOMETHING, Vic. I'm thinking a knock on the head might do it.



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