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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Our top 20 enemy organizations / Debunking Presuppositionalism

The Church Report has a list of the top 20 Christian organizations. Once again, know your enemy. The winner ? The "Family Research Council" (since when does reading the Bible count as "research", assholes ?) works to "affirm and defend Judeo-Christian values that this nation is founded upon". What are those values ? Whipping your slaves on time ? Other notables : the American Center for Law and Justice at #6 (dig that name), the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ at #8 (idem), the Traditional Values Coalition at #12, and Focus on the Family figures at a low #20.

The blog Debunking Christianity has a great article on the presuppositionalist "arguments" and why they are miserably wrong.

The presuppositionalist thinks that s/he can easily answer any of the difficulties of justifying basic beliefs. The word "God" is invoked like some kind of magical, cure-all elixir. As a team-member here similarly stated, Why is the sky blue? God. Why are bumble-bees yellow and black? God. Why do babies die? God. How can I prove there are other minds? God. How did the universe get here? God. How can a universal exist? God.

That word just fills every gap. You can squeeze it anywhere. The presuppositionalists have a ready answer for problems in philosophy. It's "God."

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