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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Armies / 20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity

Happy Pagan New Year everyone !

"Armies", by Uberkuh, the artistic atheist.

Bombastic beliefs from the West,
Trampling over reason in blind faith,
With an army of egotists,
Damnations, excommunications,
Uncontrollable, unstoppable, unsafe.

Cavernous Koran commands from the East,
Bombing the cornerstone of self-preservation,
With an army of absolutists,
Condemnations, proclamations,
Denunciation, deprivation, demise.

Affirmative Atheisti aspirations from the World,
Rewarding free thought an encore,
With an army of humanists,
Exaltations, congratulations,
Recapitalize, revitalize, restore.

From 20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity, by Chaz Bufe :

The deep egocentrism of Christianity is intimately tied to its reliance on fear. In addition to the fears of the devil and hell, Christianity plays on another of humankind’s most basic fears: death, the dissolution of the individual ego. Perhaps Christianity’s strongest appeal is its promise of eternal life. While there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim, most people are so terrified of death that they cling to this treacly promise insisting, like frightened children, that it must be true. Nietzsche put the matter well: "salvation of the soul—in plain words, the world revolves around me." It’s difficult to see anything spiritual in this desperate grasping at straws—this desperate grasping at the illusion of personal immortality.

Another manifestation of the extreme egotism of Christianity is the belief that God is intimately concerned with picayune aspects of, and directly intervenes in, the lives of individuals. If God, the creator and controller of the universe, is vitally concerned with your sex life, you must be pretty damned important.

Some very interesting insights in there. Check it out.


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