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Friday, December 23, 2005

Things we get from the material world

One thing I've tried to emphasize this Christmas season, is the fact that Christmas and atheistic individualists like us both glorify the wonders of the material universe, as well as the very real support and hope you get from it. I've asked everyone who writes for this blog to come together and list some of the things they appreciate, or receive, from the material world. Here is our little list :

* The febrility and pride that comes from finding out something new for yourself.
* Being able to both admire something in nature AND admire how it works.
* Through conscious sentience, the ability to appreciate things we get
from the material universe.
* The happiness I get on the show from talking to people who share my worldview and can discuss ideas meaningfully.
* The fact that we can get pills to cure our daily annoyances, instead of bearing with them.
* A new appreciation for the tortured but often whimsical historical
development of the Bible.
* A true feeling of interconnectedness to all lifeforms through shared
* Respite from the frustration of talking to an invisible person who
never replies.
* Currency to spend and, if some if left over, save.
* Big trees rustling and swaying in the wind.
* Stargazing at the cosmos.
* The smell of flowers, perfume, a loved one's skin or hair.
* Elapsed-time footage of flowers blooming.
* Fast cars.
* My own body.
* Pain (says you're alive).
* Orgasm. Need we say more ?
* The flurry of wonderful and fragrant flavor combinations to be found in food, principally, Thai and Indian food.
* The sound and appearance of speakers blasting loud, obnoxious music.
* Falling to sleep, losing consciousness, and dreaming.
* Sitting in a chair after standing forever
* Gulping a tall glass of water after exercising
* Opening and seeing a gift.
* Beer.
* Martinis.
* The crunching sound that cold snow makes.
* Being able to get intimate with another person, kissing and hugging.
* Seeing a loved one smile.
* Three material words: "I love you."

Merry Christmas ! Peace to all people of good will (fundies don't count ;).

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At 12/23/2005 1:35 AM, Blogger BlackSun declaimed...


(just kidding)

Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!!

(That's more like it)

At 12/23/2005 4:51 PM, Blogger Singularity declaimed...

For fun I like to wish people a Merry Newtonmas in honor of Isaac Newton. :)

At 12/23/2005 11:11 PM, Blogger Bahnsen Burner declaimed...

Good list!

I would add the invention of recorded music to the list. I've got a lot of moments of mine digitized for posterity.

"The febrility and pride that comes from finding out something new for yourself."

This is something that an omniscient being would never be able to do.

Yes, Thai food is excellent. I have it almost everyday.

If we're going to rename the occasion, I suggest we call it Edisonmas. For without Thomas Edison, we'd not be able to put all those bright colored light bulbs on our decorated trees.

At 12/24/2005 8:33 PM, Blogger breakerslion declaimed...

Bountiful Babbagemas!

for Charles Babbage inventor of the computer, without which blogging would be impossible. Also my source for the phrase "confusion of ideas".

At 12/24/2005 10:18 PM, Blogger Hellbound Alleee declaimed...

The feeling of cool, clean sheets on your body when you tuck yourself into bed.
Cute animals

At 12/27/2005 12:25 PM, Blogger Mark Spittle declaimed...

And, on Franc's short list...

... child porn.



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