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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Is Christianity at War in the United States ?

Sixty-four percent of the American people believe that religion is "under attack," according to a new poll released today by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The poll found that 53 percent of Americans likewise believe that religion as a whole is "losing its influence in American life."

This has been done to death on Freethought Radio, but you'd think that, if there was a war against Christianity, the US wouldn't have a fundie president... Churches wouldn't be getting government dole... religious schools and religious homeschooling wouldn't be government-sanctioned... the media wouldn't be showing those stupid masses every fucking Sunday...

Yea, need I say more ?

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At 12/16/2005 7:27 AM, Blogger vjack declaimed...

I don't remember the exact numbers, but I want to say that this percentage is comparable to the number of Americans that believe the biblical account of creation and disbelieve evolution. The right loves to label us as "elitists" for believing that the majority of Americans are not exercising rational thought, but with evidence like this, how can it be otherwise?



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