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Monday, December 05, 2005

Atheist Deconversions ? / The Fake Bible

How many high-profile converts to Christianity used to actually be atheists, as opposed to weak or rebellious Christians ? The page Atheist Deconversion, by Brian Holtz, asks this question. He looks at well-known cases like Josh McDowell and Lee Strobel, and finds that their deconversion seems to have been driven more by pre-existing belief or ignorance of atheism, than from knowledge of the arguments. So while not all of them were Christians, they are certainly non-credible. Another interesting entry in this debate. Maybe I was wrong about the whole "no atheist ever converts", but not by much.

How much of the Bible is even more made up than the already made up parts ? A lot, according to Wikipedia. The whole chapter of John 21 is doubly made up. So, apparently, are Mark 16, John 21:15-19 and the parable of the adulteress, one of the most famous passages in the Gospels.

And to think that the rest of the Bible is just plain made up ! It's really sad that they have those doubly made up parts.

Don't miss my article on the role of morality in religion, just below. Thanks !

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