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Monday, October 31, 2005

Cenk Uygur / Halloweenies

Time for another double heap of BLAM !

The name Cenk Uygur recently surged in popularity amongst atheists, for his article If You're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong. And I quote :

Jesus was a lunatic. God is not coming to your rescue. He hasn't come to anyone's rescue in thousands of years, including Jesus. Mohammed was a power hungry, scam artist and ruthless conqueror. Moses and Abraham were figments of the imagination of some long dead rabbi. He would probably laugh his ass off at all of you who still believe the fairytales he made up thousands of years ago. He probably wouldn't even believe it if you told him.
How long are we going to dance around the 800-pound gorilla in the room? The world is run by madmen. It's not just Bush and bin Laden. It is the leader of all of the countries in the Middle East, almost all of the Americas and most of the rest of the world.


As for the Halloweenies, we're talking of course about the Christians, at least in the parody article "Holiday Gives Christians Much-Needed Smugness Boost".

For millions of American young people, Halloween is just another holiday, an excuse to load up on tooth-rotting morsels and scare themselves with all sorts of ghosts and goblins nonsense. For a select few, however, the event is about something far more important: the persistent notion that the conservative Christian beliefs imposed on them by their parents make them better than everyone else.

Have fun annoying the Halloweenies this evening. And don't miss my article against the "consilience" of science and religion, just below. Happy Halloween !

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At 10/31/2005 9:32 AM, Blogger Zachary Moore declaimed...

"Children have a natural urge to accept one another, to tolerate diverse backgrounds and beliefs," said Rev. Sal Frichous. "And that's precisely the problem. A holiday like Halloween gives kids a chance to really get down to what matters most in life: you're going to hell and I'm not."

I love it.

At 11/01/2005 12:50 AM, Blogger anti-jesus declaimed...

"Jesus was a lunatic." I agree, as do all thinking men. Yet our children are brainwashed into this evil cult every year. The basis of this cult is a lie told by a lunatic.

Christianity and its entire works are a big lie. It is all illusion compounded by lie upon lie. The reason few people call these liars to account is because fear prevents an open, honest and rational assessment of their lies, illusion, myths and nonsense. Many people fear the power of the almighty, and are reluctant to say anything against the priests and preachers who pretend to be his spokesman. But these self appointed experts on the subject of divinity are liars, prevaricators, and the peddlers of myths and falsehoods that have been handed down from other self appointed priests. This priestly class has ulterior motives: First, they seek to feather their own nest. They feed on the ignorance, superstition, and fear of the most ignorant classes in society. The more ignorant one is the more likely it will be that he is being lead by the nose by the priest or preacher. Secondly, these advocates of the divine will seek to maintain political power over their followers.

Fear is the most powerful motivator known to mankind, and it is put to constant work by the priestly class to keep the population under their influence and control.

When one examines the origin of the Christian myths where it is assumed that God is speaking to mankind, we find that he is not speaking to mankind, but to some member of the priestly class. This priest, then relates the word of God to the faithful, but the faithful never get to meet God, or to hear him speak, or to get a first hand account of the revelation. We always have the priest, prophet, or seer between us and the revelation. This is really too much to believe. We are asked to believe a priest, who stands to gain power, honor and wealth from the people who will believe his fabulous tale. What’s more we are asked to believe myths and fables that common sense knows have never been and can never be. For example, the Genesis story contains the tale of the talking snake. This snake is the messenger of evil, who seduces Eve into wanting knowledge, and when she reaches for knowledge, then she and all her progeny are doomed to death and original sin.

We notice in this myth that the main devil is knowledge. Knowledge is to be avoided at all costs for God does not want us humans to have any. But is it not more likely that it is the priestly class that is afraid of knowledge, and does not want the people to possess it for if they did they would question his power over them?

For, why would a good, all powerful God object to mankind having knowledge? Is human knowledge a threat to such a God? This can hardly be credible. God is not the one who objects to human knowledge. God would not be fearful of any knowledge held by mankind. Rather, knowledge is a threat to the priestly class, and this is why from Genesis to the present day, human knowledge is denounced by the priestly class as the road to ruin and evil.

Christianity is an illusion. An illusion that is substituted for reality. A fable that pretends to explain reality. A myth served to the uninformed so that they will not question anything and thereby remain in a state of ignorance. In their ignorance they will be the power base of the priestly class.

This Christian illusion also teaches that there is another world than the one we live in on a daily basis. This other world is the true world. Our present world, the reality we see, hear, feel and smell, are denied. It is not reality; it is all sin, distraction and decadence. This is the real power of the Christian myth. It negates man and woman, all their instincts, all their knowledge, their entire experience here on earth. Once all life and experience is denied, the Christian lives for another world that never was and never will be. The Christian believer surrenders his will, and his entire life to the priests and preachers who promote this illusion and who thereby make all his decisions and lord it over him in this life which is the only life any of them will ever see.

This is the height of conspiracy, robbery, criminality, injustice and torture. The priestly class makes the highwayman into a petty thief. The highwayman steals, pocket money, but the priestly class steals power, honor, and money every day of the week for a promise in the sky which can never be verified or refuted for it lies beyond the field of human knowledge.

The ignorant have a propensity for believing simple fables which explain everything and which are difficult to challenge. The ignorant cannot be bothered with questions that require extensive study, and therefore a simple myth that answers life’s questions will often serve. This myth changes from century to century and the myth that is in vogue at any given time varies with the age. One thing that does not change, however, is that the priestly class is always there promoting the myth and reaping its benefits.

The Christian myth is most powerful among those who suffer from reality; that is the weak, the poor and the sick. Reality, for them is not a nice place, so they rush to the priest to be told about an illusionary reality were they will be powerful, wealthy and healthy. In this mythical world, their enemies in this life; the rulers who have ruled over them will be their servants.

This world is such a mess for them that they seek another more perfect world where all will be set right again. They fail to ask the question: Well, if God made such a mess of this world, and we have to suffer through this imperfect world, then why should a rational person expect anything better from this God, this world maker, who has made such a mess of this one? But no matter, the ignorant will believe anything as long as it fulfills their fondest dreams.

Actually, that is the substance of all their Gods. God was and is created by man and women as the fulfillment of their fondest dreams. Everything, good, honorable, wise, just and of service to

the believer is included into this God. This is the reason for religion.

Each tribe or group of people create a God that will be on their side in all of life’s battles against poverty, sickness, disease, and the foreign enemy. This is why each nation has its own God which leads them into battle against the other nations. Under the protection and direction of this tinker toy God, armies march and fight and men cut each others throats in the name of the almighty. The Christian priestly class generally approves of these wars against the foreigner or the enemy because this conflict demands priestly services for the wounded, the fallen and the supporters of the conflict. God is called in to bless the war and the priestly class prays for the success of the war leaders.

Actually, the believer in this Christian nonsense makes a better killer, than the non-believer because the former is convinced that his cause is righteous and just being divinely ordered and sanctioned by his God. A Christian killer will kill and torture the enemy with a much clearer conscience that would the skeptic or unbeliever. The Christian “knows” he has the moral authority from the highest power to commit all kinds of murder and genocide.

If the enemy can be accused of being non-Christian, or a non-believer in the Christian fables, then he is a prime target for the righteous wrath of the faithful. Anyone, who does not believe in the Christian fabrication of reality, has been and will be denounced as the devil’s disciple and his death and destruction can be carried out with the blessings of God.

When, this battle is joined, Christianity becomes not merely the robber of the faithful, but the international scourge of mankind. It becomes a cause of war, conflict, and all of war’s most brutal aftermath.

Christianity has played this role many times in history. The Crusades, and the Spanish Inquisition, the European religious wars and the Cold War all come all too readily to mind.

Christianity has a long list of sins committed against humanity. It is indictable in any national, international or world court where one could find an impartial judge.

It is never brought to trial because it contends that it holds all the moral high ground, as it and only it is the instrument of the divine will. Actually, the moral right Christianity pretends to hold from God comes only from their black self-serving imagination. They have created the God that agrees with them at every turn of the road, in every international conflict, and in every domestic squabble. They will be loath to surrender this God because he agrees with them. In fact, he is them for he is their creation, their creature, their servant, to be called upon to bless all their transgressions against humanity.

It must also be acknowledged that Christianity is the only religion that wages war on and persecutes non-believers because they are non-believers. Islam did not do this when they help power in Spain and other Christian lands. Rather they permitted Jews and Christians to have their faith as long as they paid tribute. The Hindus do not make war on or persecute those who do not believe as they do. The Buddhist do not seek to evangelize and convert all mankind to their way of thinking, and neither do they make war on Non-Buddhists

The three main Christian virtues are faith, hope and love. These are not virtues but vices. First let’s look at faith. It matters not if something is true to the Christian. Rather what really matters is weather one believes it to be true. If you believe it to be true then it is true. But believe in a flat world does not make the world flat, as the Christians learned much to their dismay. Therefore, belief is no virtue, but rather a product

of ignorance and a source of confusion. The secrets of the universe should not be trusted to irrational belief.

The second big Christian virtue is hope. Hope is a powerful force, but it is like fear. They are both irrational emotions. Fear drives one away while hope pulls one forward. The hope that the sun will not rise tomorrow will not prevent the sun from rising. Hope is largely like faith. It is a wish that something favorable will occur in the future, but the future is not made from wishes any more than reality is based on faith. Reality, can be understood to a large extent by reason, but reason and will, or

hope and faith can do very little to change it. The Greeks considered hope a constant source of suspense for the unfortunate, and assigned it to Pandora’s Box with a list of other evils.

The third Christian virtue is love. Love is the state in which man sees things most decidedly as they are not. They say that love is blind. The power of illusion is at its peak when love works its magic. When in love a person endures everything. If a religion could be invented with love as its main force, then all the evils of

one’s life could be overcome. Indeed, they would not even exist anymore. Love, a sexual emotion, is made the basis for a religion and this sexual emotion is the most delusionary emotion known to man with the possible exception of fear. Love is like hope, it pulls one forward, unlike fear which repeals one from the object of fear. In any case it is a perversion of sexual love to extend it to a God that one never sees, hears, touches or experiences in anyway. It is love without an object; an empty gesture with no object except the imaginary God that one has dreamed up in his own brain. Thus, religious love is self love. A self love that leads one into fancy and fairyland. I am in love, therefore, all is well, and my lover could never do anything that I would not like. This is the supreme height of folly. We dream up a creature, a God, that doesn’t exist, something that has never been seen, heard,

felt, or tasted in anyway. Then, we fall in love with this figment of our imagination. We then say that the relationship is mutual, and that this imaginary God loves us in return. As long as we love him, he will love us, and he would never do anything to us that would harm us, because we love him and he loves us.

This story is further embellished by an extension of the love-hate emotions of the human psyche. If any person does not love this God of ours, then we hate him and God hates him. Either love him or hate him. This is much like the human love relationship. Love turns to hate as soon as the lovers fall out with one another. This is an irrational relationship which is quite unstable. Just as human emotions can blow hot or cold, so can this relationship change from one day to the next. If can go from hot love to hot hate in a matter of days or hours

The one constant reliable shining light that humanity has as it’s most just, temperate, and universal star is knowledge. All of mankind, no matter what his religion has access to its guidance. If men communicate with one another they can often find areas of common interest and agreement. If the focus is on the reality of this life and not some fantastic myth about devils, gods, and other lives that can never be proven or verified.

Christianity and Judaism before it declared holy war against human knowledge and its entire works. Science and these religions cannot walk together. They are at odds from the beginning of time. The snake, the vilest member of the animal kingdom, was the mythological bearer of knowledge. The snake was knowledge’s messenger. Just as we despise the snake we are told to despise the gift of knowledge that he bears. In fact, knowledge is made into the scapegoat, the devil, and the cause of man’s disobedience to god.

For this disobedience he is dammed with original sin, and denied eternal life. He is cursed with death as soon as he is born. This

curse applies not just to Adam and Eve, the original actors in the drama and the mythological ancestors of the human race, but to the entire human race from Adam and Eve until as long as the human race will live and reproduce.

Knowledge, according to the Christian-Jewish religion is a curse upon mankind, a curse that can never be lifted or excused. As heirs of the modern scientific enlightenment, we are supposed to believe that science and all its fruits are a curse upon mankind. We are supposed to believe that we would be better off running about the desert in a camel hair suit eating honey with John the Baptist, than living in our present day circumstances. We are

Supposed to believe that ignorance; poverty, disease, squalor, and superstition are preferable to knowledge, means, health, cleanliness and a healthy skepticism.

Why are we encouraged to believe these things? Who encourages us to believe these things? The answer to the first question is because; the priests and preachers, or priestly class does not provide any of these benefits. They do not dispense knowledge. In fact, they pontificate against it. They do not promote economy and a sustainable life style. The opposite is the case, as we hear them telling us to forsake this life and bet our entire life upon the next world. Neither, does the priestly class promote health. They have tried it on occasion but have failed in the attempt as those who are knowledgeable about health have swept the field. The priestly class will pray, after the doctor has given up all hope of a cure for the sick person, but these prayers are empty gestures that always end in the death of the person. Cleanliness is not high on their list, and their priests and their votaries resigned themselves to filth and squalor until the scientific community discovered that germs, filth and disease were associated with each other. The priestly class, however, never figured this out, and if the world had been left in their hands we would still be living like John the Baptist.

Skepticism is the last item on the list. Skepticism is what gave rise to the scientific revolution. As long as men believed that all the answers were contained in the bible, or were available to the priestly class, then science and knowledge was dead in the water and could make no progress. Skepticism is anathema to the priestly class. It is about the last thing they would ever encourage a young student to embrace. Their myths explain everything and if you do not believe in them, then you are the devil’s disciple and you must either convert to the status of a true believer or be denounced by the priestly class.

The first question, which encourages us to believe in these things, has largely been answered by the answers to the second question. The priestly class encourages us to believe in ignorance. This ignorance will not yield any of the fruits of science, like, health, wealth, and a peaceful world. Those who are mislead, into the chaos of ignorance, by the priestly class, will be denied the benefits of knowledge here on earth. They will be promised a better life after death. That is, a better life after all life has ended. The priestly class preaches ignorance because they know that knowledge is their enemy. An intelligent person could simply not believe their myths and fairytales. We find no churches that administer to the best and the brightest, but many that prey upon the ignorant, the stupid, the fearful, the hopeless and the poor.

Christianity will be out of business the day it begins to focus upon knowledge, health, wealth, skepticism and a better life for humanity here on earth. This is the only life we know about. Life is a biological process, and when this biological process ceases all life ceases. No amount of prayers or offerings is going to change this fact. The priestly class can promise a second or a third or even a fourth life in some heavenly realm but they can never deliver it, and their claims can never be verified for none have ever returned from the grave to tell us about this after life.

The promise of the priestly class is about a future idyllic life but

the earthly rewards of this class are demanded and paid every Sunday. The promises of the priestly class, however, are never subject to verification. They promise eternal life, they promise to save our soul, and they promise great rewards in heaven for an earthly life that is dedicated to their religion. The offering is collected but the substance of the promises can never be ascertained or verified. There is no way to tell if these are mere empty promises or not. The priestly class is on safe ground for no living person can contradict their claims about the rewards of the after life. The priest has his reward paid to him in this life. He is economically supported by the faithful, he has the honor of leading the flock, he gets to counsel and pray over them and parade about in the society like a powerful and honorable person who has benefits to bestow. Actually, he is a leach, a blood sucker, a parasite. In fact, he is worse than this. His eating up the wealth and honors of the society are bad enough, but his worst sins are his commitment to ignorance and superstition,

which lead to confusion, error, misunderstandings, conflicts and wars. Herein, lies his greatest contribution. He is a world wrecker. He denies the only life that we know. He masquerades as a champion of virtue, when if fact he does not know the first thing about how to live in a modern society and in a thermonuclear world. He sows myth, confusion, superstition, and hatred wherever he goes.

He does all these things in the name of a God that he dreamed up from his own fears, hopes, ignorance superstitions and hatred. He says his God is a God of love. It is a lie. He loves his God, because he created him. A poet loves nothing more than his poems, because they are his creation. In like manner, the priestly class loves their God because he is their creation. They say that their God loves humanity. It is a lie. Their god, and the priestly class, have promoted and encouraged most of the wars in history. Jehovah, cut his eye teeth by sending Moses into Canaan to destroy the Canaanites and authorized their destruction. Men, women and children were all to be destroyed, and were destroyed by Moses and Joshua with the blessing of the priestly class. Times have not changed. We still see the Christian community waging war against the ungodly Communists, the wayward Moslem, and the American Indian. The Christian community believed that the American Indian had no soul. This enabled the Christian warriors to kill the Indian and still retain a clear conscience. Those who do not believe as they do are doomed to destruction by the Christians. This is especially

true when they control the power of the state and the armed forces.

The Christian God does not love humanity, but rather he loves the Christians who pray to him. If you do not believe this statement, just observe how the Christians treat any person or class or nation that does not believe as they do. The Vietnam catastrophe comes all too vividly to mind. We attacked this Buddhist and communist nation in the name of Christianity and democracy. We bombed them back into the Stone Age because they did not agree with our Christianity and our capitalistic economic model. This modern unprovoked, unconscionable, unjust, and dishonorable war was sanctioned by the Christian community. In fact it is still largely sanctioned by them as a justifiable venture. It is all permitted by their God, just a Moses and Joshua here ordered into Canaan to slay all the people in that country, a county that had never done any harm to Moses and his community.

This once again supports the view that the Christian God is the God of the Christians. He will sanction and bless any venture they embark upon, anything that fulfills their needs, for he is after all their creature, their creation, their God. He will bless all their bombings, all their killings, all their tortures for he is their conscience their will writ large. We dropped the Atom Bomb twice upon civilian populations. These monstrous acts were largely blessed sanctioned and approved by the Christian community. Oh there was some hand ringing, but the nation in which the majority of voters are Christian went along with the atrocities and failed to call any official to account.

Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.”



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