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Monday, September 12, 2005

Protestant Jihad in Northern Ireland

Religion has done it again! Last weekend, religion again served as a catalyst for yet another violent battle between various groups that disagree on their superstitious claims to exclusive truth. But this time, it doesn't involve Islam. This time, it is Christian against Christian.

The past decade or so has seen Islam take the spotlight for religious violence, but last weekend that spotlight has shone on a battle that has been taking place for quite some time, and anyone over the age of 22 should remember this classic battle: Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland are at each others throats, with the police caught in the middle. CNN has an article which examines last weekend's conflict in detail.

Here is a sum-up: Two groups in Northern Ireland, the Protestants and Catholics, are battling all the time and hate each other's guts. There is a group called the "Orangemen" who are hardcore Protestants, and they wanted to have a little parade right next to some Catholic turf. Well the police didn't want them to do that, as they know that in past instances these parades have caused lots of violence between the two superstitious groups. So instead of antagonize the Catholics, the Orangemen decided to collaborate with a few outlawed Protestant terrorist groups (see? Islam isn't the only terrorist-group-starting religion) and start a riot! At least these Christians follow in the footsteps of Jesus and bring a sword, you know what I mean?

Cars and lorries were burned, bombs were thrown, and shots were fired at police. Lots of them were injured, but fortunately nobody was killed. It sure would suck to die for a deity that doesn't exist! In fact, it sucks to do anything for a deity that doesn't exist.

Just look at how much love and understanding religion brings to the world. Yea, right! Every time religion or religious people are in the news nowadays, its BAD news. Preachers molesting children, preachers stealing church money (For an excellent look at religious-related crime in America, check out the Bobo's World), mothers killing their babies(!), televangelists calling for the assassination of world leaders, bus bombings, house demolishings, and occupation in a "holy land" that looks a lot more like a "desert wasteland," airplanes cutting down skyscrapers, mass transit systems being systematically bombed across Europe, illegal invasions and near-civil-war in Iraq, Jihad everywhere you turn, religious leaders from every brand-name of superstition imaginable calling for the death and destruction of each other, the faithful having delusions of heaven with bombs strapped to their chests, the stifling of scientific progress and the denial of individual rights.

Jesus Christ! Enough is enough! Human beings are destroying themselves because of their retarded superstitions! England has a bus bombing, and a month later the Protestants and Catholics and Police in Northern Ireland all decide to rumble and tumble. Are we not learning our lessons here?

Europe is becoming increasingly atheistic (thank God!) and America is far behind her, but also gaining in godlessness (in terms of headcount). Obviously, it isn't happening fast enough! The mental virus of religion is taking an increasingly deadly toll on its victims. You can bet your ass that the death toll will continue to climb as long as we insist on fighting on behalf of our invisible magic friend in the sky.

We need to try harder to reach these theists. If we care about our fellow man, and if we care about our own safety, we need to try to get through to these people. True, most of them will never deconvert. Most of these people will take their superstition to their graves. Fine. But if we get the message out there, we can save those who are still open to reason, and our message will resonate with the youth who are still formulating their belief systems. Get 'em while they're young, I say! Every little bit of direct interaction with theists helps. For example, I Am and Chad have started up an atheist vs. theist carnival known as God or Not. All bloggers, theist and atheist should submit some work to the carnival. Atheists should register at various theistic forums and engage in meaningful, constructive dialogue. Atheists should talk to their theistic family members. As hard as it may be, atheists should come out of the closet to their loved ones. I did so with my parents and it wasn't pretty, but we are all better off because of it, and while my parents are still theistic, they have a new understanding of the religious issues going on today, as well as the merits of atheism.

Every time some crazy religious crap like this goes down (and that's pretty damn often), it should serve as a reminder to all freethinkers that the time for action is NOW! The time to defend our fellow man from our own psychosis is NOW! The time to challenge these superstitions and let these people know just how crazy they are is NOW! In this war-ravaged world, the heart of the battle is at the battle of ideas, and it is one fight that we must not lose. For if rational thought loses, then humanity loses.

For more information on how get involved in this battle of superstitious ideas, visit the activism page of

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At 9/13/2005 8:39 PM, Blogger The Libertarian Defender declaimed...

"Last weekend, religion again served as a catalyst for yet another violent battle between various groups that disagree on their superstitious claims to exclusive truth. But this time, it doesn't involve Islam. This time, it is Christian against Christian."

Posts like this just make me more and more comfortable with the time I invested in writing my 9/11 commentary "Religion Kills." In no way is this phenomenon restricted to Islam. Every religion breeds this.

At 9/14/2005 9:39 AM, Blogger Bahnsen Burner declaimed...

LD wrote: "In no way is this phenomenon restricted to Islam. Every religion breeds this."

You're right: faith and force are always corollaries. Since religion is essentially the abandonment of reason and reality, the believer has no rational justification for his beliefs and injunctions. Western monotheism basically admits this of itself by replacing moral principles (which man needs) with commandments that are supposed to be obeyed unquestioningly (which no man needs). A person who wants others to obey such arbitrary injunctions has little choice but to invoke an imaginary being to give "authority" to his wishes. This "authority" is of course supposed to be accepted on faith. And if someone doesn't obey, get out the stick. That is: resort to force. That is the essence of the relationship between faith and its kissing cousin force, and it is a necessary relationship: one of causal inevitability.

At 9/14/2005 11:26 AM, Blogger Aaron Kinney declaimed...

Nicely said, BB.

At 11/27/2010 1:04 PM, Blogger Michael declaimed...






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