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Monday, September 26, 2005

Out of Respect…

I told Paul Manata that I would get around to backing up my quote-mining accusation in a month or so, and then I left on a vacation over the weekend. When I returned, I found out that my good friend DUB had decided to write a little about the recent interaction between Paul and I at his blog, Out of Respect...

Now there's three posts in total relating to this issue, and they should be read in this order: Pressing the Antithesis Goose Part 1, Pressing the Antithesis Goose Part 2, and A Veneer of Defense.

DUB first clarifies the differences between a religion, a philosophy, and a scientific theory. Then DUB explains why Manata is wrong, the silliness of Manata criticizing my spelling in comments posts, and the hypocrisy --and even greater silliness-- of Manata not using a spellchecker for his blog posts (hey even I use spellchecker for my blog posts).

DUB also notes the over-the-top use of insulting language in Manata's posts. It really does put people off, it makes Manata look immature and insecure to say the least, and it discourages atheists from wanting to interact with him. I was already growing a thick skin from Manata's liberal ad-hominem, but reading DUB's posts woke me up a bit, and made me think "Wow, Manata really IS an asshole!"

DUB also correctly points out that I've insulted Manata. I partially regret doing so, only because it makes me look bad and makes me feel like I've compromised my morals. I don't like being dragged down to Manata's level, but it seems to happen every time I interact with him. Manata's insults are so numerous that it becomes almost impossible to not insult him back at some point. I've never had this kind of insulting and hostile communication with any other Christian ever. Manata brings out the worst in me, because he constantly displays the worst in himself. The less I interact with Manata, the more time I have to interact with real Christians (whoops did I just say that?), and the better I feel.

Anyway, here is the summary: Manata quote-mined and I called him on it. He wrote three insulting and delusional posts about me in response to my accusation, without even knowing what "quote mining" is. I exposed his ignorance, and then he threw down the gauntlet demanding me to prove that he quote mined. I told him I would get around to it in a month. DUB lended a helping hand, and wrote a few powerful critiques, which exposed Manata's sloppy thinking and hypocrisy, and proved that he quote mined. But this is good news for Manata, because can just suffer the embarrassment now and get it over with, and go back to the Puritan Boards where he belongs, arguing about random Bible passages with his fellow cultists.

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At 9/28/2005 2:35 AM, Blogger DUB declaimed...

Excellent synopsis.

I was rather wary of providing evidence that he had indeed quote mined. I mean, I wanted to show his hypocrisy, and add evidence of yet another piece of artillery in his cache of dirty, underhanded tricks.

I wanted to shut up his damn pleas of "prove it!"

Shit, I wanted to prove you right.

What I didn't want to do, was give him a concrete example of quote mining, and therefore teach him what it actually is.

Not that I don't like to offer a helping hand and teach - I think it one of the nobelest of human endeavors. I just found it so damned humorous that he didn't know what it was, yet still insited he didn't do it.

Unfortunately, I hadn't anticipated his "veneer" defense.


At 9/30/2005 4:36 PM, Blogger DerekSansone declaimed...

Holy cow patties!

I am having the same issues with him....I can't exchange with him any more...I try, I like his tenacity on the debate front, but crap much bullshit can one take?

I have been a staunch seeker of Manata on the net. I have chased him basically everywhere I am allowed to post. The puritan guys won't allow me in and I found Manata over there standing on his soap box ranting on about me.

I have dealt with him on Christian logic and unchainedradio. He has engaged, then it seems like he just drops out in a blink of an eye.

After my radio show on the Atheist Hour, Don and Paul came at me with rules of debate presupposing a standard. Regarding prescription of logic. And I actually liked the topic. We were discussing moral absolutes, in which I stated that they cannot exit.

Well it was this prescription of logical laws in debate that I assume was their attempt to provide the absolute and tag that as an issue of morality.

I most certainly delighted in the discourse. But the attitude towards me became very childish and pretty insulting.

So, I decided to leave that forum on that account only. And the sad part is that I recently posted my "I want what Saul got" article.

I haven't been over there since.

But it is quite frustrating when you want to discuss these issues but are flooded with these little playground insults.

I will admit, I can go there too. But ya know, it's Paul who brings this out. And it's almost a habit now when I am dealing with anyone who resembles his sense of humor.

It profits no one to communicate in such a way....At least not for me.

Great article!



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