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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Common Ground

Dawson Bethrick of "Incinerating Presuppositionalism" has completed a series of articles examining areas which are shared in common between believers and non-believers. His thesis is that "'common ground' is a tightrope that presuppositionalists are compelled to navigate as a result of various contradictions within the Christian religion's view of man and the antithesis it employs to divide men against each other."

This series examines seven different questions:

It's a fascinating series, albeit one which may not be palatable to the average believer. However, the other day as I was talking with Derek Sansone at lunch, it occurred to me that, despite the fact that such an overwhelming majority of people (at least, in this country) consider themselves believers, there is a profound amount of cooperation between them and non-believers, in many areas of practical existence. Is it possible that this common ground, for all practical purposes, has already been granted?

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