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Monday, December 05, 2005

There's a New Guy in Town

Hi everybody. I've been invited to take part in this wonderfully thoughtful blog. I thought it best to simply introduce myself first. My name is Jake Doelling. (aka The Atheist Messiah aka boywonder aka Theo Doersing aka JDDoelling aka JDoe) That should do it for the alias'.

I have my own blog at called Think Outside the Church. I've only been blogging for a few months, but I've maintained a public nuisance for much longer.

Like Franc, I've never been a religious person. I've always been surrounded by religiousity, but I never inhaled.

I believe "activism" or whatever you want to label it is necessary in combating religion. If you've been a regular here for any length of time you will know why religion needs to be confronted and why it has such a foothold on people. I think we live at a wonderful time in history where we benefit from a better understanding of science and technology. We also live in a pivotal time in history where the ignorance from earlier times threatens to re-establish dominance if we are not careful. Also, with the technology possible to wipeout the Earth as we know it available, the stakes in this human race (if you like to think of it as a competition) are as high as they can get. We simply do not have the luxery of waiting patiently for religion and other major problems to go quietly into the night. I also feel the more I can do now might help in some small way towards making a few people's lives better. By helping to combat intolerance, maybe religion will lose its hold that much sooner; thereby causing less people to suffer.

I will start posting on a regular basis in January. Until then, I'll try to make an appearance or two. I'm looking forward to talking with everyone here.

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